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Tamworth Escorts : 5 Orgasm Inspiring Erotic Novels

Sometimes, the visual cannot supersede expectations of the imaginations because it often runs wild and free, it is best that they get fed by inputs that could conjure the most explicit of all consciousness. Erotic novels have existed for a long time and are another form of sexual expression in the form of written contexts. […]

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Sex Tips: Hit the Right Spot with These Positions

G-spot? Some might think that it’s a myth, but there are others who are convinced it’s real and highly effective when giving mind-blowing orgasms in female. You can ask any woman who had G-spot orgasm, she will certainly tell you to simulate it. Finding the G-spot is quite a quest. It might be easy to […]

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Sex Tip: Learning Dominatrix Play – Living the Fantasy

                                  Bondage and discipline is one of the most common fantasies both men and women would love to try particularly – dominatrix play. Men often initiate sex but it doesn’t always have to be that way. In dominatrix, the […]

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Sex Tips: The Effect of Pills on Her Sexual Urges

Indeed, it can heighten your sex drive when one is on the birth-control pill. Here, you need not have to worry about condoms, your sexual pleasures will be uninterrupted and you will enjoy an orgasmic skin-to-skin feeling. When you think about it, sex while on the pill can really be hot. Nevertheless, there are also […]

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Sex Tips: Libido Killer – 5 Surprising Foods That Lower Your Libido

                          We’ve all heard of foods which can increase your bedroom mojo. Aphrodisiacs, as scientists call it, can enhance our sex drive and chances of reaching orgasm. Did you know that there are also libido killers out there? These are foods which mess […]

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Sex Tips: Top 5 Things You Need To Put in Your Sexual Bucket List

  You have been fulfilling her fantasies; so have you thought about satisfying your own? This list will show you how to have the best time of your life before you die. This is from dating the most scandalous girls to the sexual escapades you will never forget. You might even check one off tonight […]

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